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Helping Hearts Heal
for Young Adults

Adam’s House is expanding our "Helping Hearts Heal" program to young adults ages 18-25 years who have suffered a significant loss.

Katie Regan, an Adam's House "Helping Hearts Heal" program Alumni.

"Helping Hearts Heal" 
Young Adult Program

This Peer- Support Group is geared toward 18-25 year olds who are grieving the loss of a loved one. We will meet at Adam’s House.


In these sessions, you will gain support, knowledge, and friendship as you navigate through your feelings of grief and isolation, while connecting with your peers who are experiencing the same challenges of young adulthood.

You must pre-register for this program.

Drop-ins will not be permitted!

  • Want to learn more or take a tour of Adam's House? Give us a call at 203-513-2808 or Send an Email  

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