What's A Fig?

At Adam's House we refer to this special group of volunteers as a "Friend in Grief." During the 12-hours of training, FIG's will learn about the grieving process, how children deal with it, the trauma a death can cause if it was not dealt with properly, and how you can help children of all ages find a place of comfort in their time of loss.  It is a wonderful and fulfilling program, and an inspiration to those lives you are lucky enough to touch!

Our next FIG Training dates are:

Thursday September 9th 5PM - 8PM

  Friday,  September 10th 5PM - 8PM

Saturday September 11th 9AM - 3PM 

If you would like to become a FIG, please register here. We look forward to having you join the Adam's House family!

Cost is $100 which includes cost of materials and background check