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Moving Forward Social Group for Widows & Widowers 

Widow and widowers who have children who have aged out of our program often call our office and ask, "Does Adam's House have a group just for widows? " The answer is YES! 


We realize that it is through your shared stories and struggles that you will find comfort and support from each other. The Adam's House "Moving Forward" group meets the second Thursday of every month, typically off-site. 

This group is for those widows and widowers who have actively done their tough grief work and are now looking for a positive, supportive network, ready to socialize and plan new adventures together. 

We look to create a sense of community and family with those going through similar challenges of being a widow. Join us if you are ready to find some joy, laughter and fun with those on a similar path as yours!

All members will go through a "meet and greet" at Adam's House prior to group approval.

Please note: if you are a graduate of the "Helping Hearts Heal" program at Adam's House you will not need to schedule a time for a meet and greet! 

We look forward to having you join us!

Pre-registration is required. You will be notified of the next meeting location via email. 


                                                  Register here to get started!

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