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Empowering children

Helping Hearts Heal

When a child loses a loved one, the experience can be deeply lonely and isolating, considerably disrupting their development, health, success in school, self-sufficiency, stability and relationships.  
At Adam’s House, our 8-week grief education program "Helping Hearts Heal" empowers children and teens to overcome their loss and re-engage in their lives. Young people and their families graduate from our program feeling supported by their community, less anxious and depressed, more confident, connected, social and hopeful about the future.  
Adam's House is passionately dedicated to being a partner for children in support of the healing process, regardless of socioeconomic factors. That's why there is never a fee to get help. That means a great deal to the families we serve face, many of whom face a tsunami of financial uncertainty following the death of a loved one in their family.
Your partnership keeps our Center free and accessible for those who need it most.
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