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We're so grateful to our Great Give donors!

We're so grateful to our Great Give donors!

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Thank you so much for your contribution to Adam's House through "The Great Give" on May 5 & 6. You helped us exceed our $10,000 fundraising goal. With matching gifts, prizes and your generous support, more than $22,000 was raised to support our grief center through 210 donors!


In the weeks and months to come, your commitment to Adam's House will directly help dozens of children and teens overcome the loss of a parent, sibling, aunt or uncle, grandparent or friend. Whether that loss was caused by an accident, cancer, heart disease, overdose, homicide, suicide, or the COVID-19 pandemic, these families will all have Adam’s House to turn to for support, love, and hope. All thanks to you.


In challenging times like these, we're especially grateful to have such generous and passionate supporters like you by our side.


Thank you for being part of our work of love.

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