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Founder’s Message

Allison Wysota

There’s a saying, “Grief forces you to see who matters, who never did, who won’t anymore and who always will!” This resonates with me. Children have always mattered to me deeply. My education as a teacher and years of motherhood did not prepare my for what I would say was the most difficult task of my career. That task was learning to navigate my grief, as well as my children’s, after the sudden passing of my wonderful husband, Adam.


I’ve been trained to champion for children, to help them express their thoughts, experiences and emotions. Yet all my skills and knowledge just weren’t enough to know how to deal with the great pain my boys were enduring as they tried to cope with the loss of their beloved father. Just talking together was difficult. Eventually, each of us found outlets for our grief through art, music and exercise. But I wasn’t certain it was enough for my children to heal.

Who would help them be “OK” after this devastating loss? I searched for a special place, where my children would feel safe to explore their pain and tap difficult emotions. I hoped they would be comforted and take home life skills to help them figure out how to actively engage in life again. In our journey, we were grateful to meet compassionate professionals with huge hearts, who provided some assistance to us. However, I did not discover the setting I had hoped for in my search. That’s when the vision, the hope and dream of “Adam’s House,” was born.

I am profoundly grateful that our ever-growing circle of friends and supporters have embraced our dream and mission to support this special group of children. Through our two successful Adam Wysota Golf Tournaments, numerous "Helping Hearts Heal' Paddle Tournaments, and many other fundraisers held by the Adam’s House team, we have raised enough funds to move into our perfect location for Adam’s House in Shelton, CT. The overwhelming support from Mayor Mark Lauretti, The Greater Valley Chamber of Commerce led by Bill Purcell, Wakelee Memorial in Ansonia, the Valley Community Foundation and many Valley residents have been heartwarming. We have also been blessed to have received grants from the Foundation for Life, The Matthew's Children's Fund, CT Love, The Morgan Stanley Global Impact Funding Trust, Inc. and The Valley Community Foundation to help with our program needs.  


Our dream is now a reality and we have begun to serve bereaved families. It has been an honor to walk beside them and support their journey. It is my hope that Adam’s House will be a comforting place of solace, where they will find the support they need, and most of all, where they can heal. 

Please feel free to call us at 203-513-2808 and arrange a tour of our beautiful new home.

Origins of AH

Origins of AH

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