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Frequently Asked Questions


What is Adam’s House?

Adam’s House is a free standing, independent grief education center for children and their families. Through our eight- week themed “Helping Hearts Heal” program, participants receive peer support, expression and positive-play, educational programming, and coping skills to overcome the loss of a loved one in a warm, caring atmosphere. 

What is the history of Adam's House and who is Adam?

The Adam Wysota Foundation was established in 2012 to honor the legacy of a very special man, Adam Wysota. He was beloved as a husband, father, Little League coach and an active volunteer in his community. Before his death on May 6, 2012, Adam held several prestigious positions at many Wall Street firms. Adam’s family and friends established this foundation to celebrate Adam’s big hearted spirit, and his commitment to mentoring and coaching, by championing the needs of grieving families.

Who does Adam’s House serve?

Adam’s House provides education in grief support for Connecticut children ages 4 to 18 years old who are coping with loss due to the death of a parent, grandparent, sibling or significant person in their life. Grief support groups for parents and guardians, run concurrently with the children’s grief support groups.

Is there a cost to attend Adam’s House?

Adam’s House peer support and adult support groups are free for all children and families. The death of a family member often brings financial instability, therefore there is not a charge to families.


Is this a counseling program? Is it therapy?

Adam’s House is a grief education center. We offer peer support groups, and don’t  provide counseling or therapy. Groups are facilitated by trained adult volunteers (see FIG) who are overseen by Adam’s House staff. Adam’s House support groups are a wonderful complement for children who are in counseling. Adam’s House requires four visits with a therapist before starting program. During our initial parent intake meeting, we can discuss the right therapist if you need a referral. These referrals are made only to families intending to participate in our program.


How do I do therapy sessions if I don’t have insurance?

Adam’s House believes that any family in need of support for their grief should get it. With our fundraising efforts and generous therapists, arrangements can be made that you get the therapy sessions.

How long is the program?

Adam’s House peer support groups run year round. Families are placed in an eight week session and expected to fully commit to attending each week.


How is Adam’s House funded?

After Adam’s death in 2012, The Adam Wysota Foundation was started in his memory. Today, Adam’s House, is funded through grant monies, event fundraising, and relies heavily on private and corporate donations.

Do I need to attend with all my children when I’m only concerned about my 11 yr. old?

Yes. Each child in the family under the age of 18 is required to attend. Grief affects the whole family. Even though the other children are not exhibiting concerning behaviors, it is beneficial for the family unit if all  go through program together.

Can I drop off my kids?

No. Our Helping Hearts Heal program is designed to allow children and their parents/guardians to grow together and learn from each other during their grief journey. For this reason, it is mandated that children and their parents/guardians attend the program together each week.

I can’t make it every week, can I still attend program?

No. As we operate in a closed group setting, it is required that you and your family commit to the entire eight weeks. It is important for the participants to be in attendance every week to create that supportive community we all need in the throes of grief.

What is a FIG?

The term FIG is short for "Friend in Grief." This special group of volunteers are required to complete an extensive 3-day, 12-hrs of training. Once completed, FIG’s are assigned to a specific program group as facilitators and moderators. Background checks are also conducted on FIGs before they are permitted to run a children’s group.


We attended the Adam’s House Helping Hearts Heal program in the spring and it was great! Can we take the 8-week program again?

As our services are free and offered to all families in Connecticut, the program can only be attended once, unless your family experiences a subsequent death.

What’s the cost?

Our services are offered at no cost to all Connecticut families.

My son doesn’t want to attend with his kids, but I am concerned about my grandchildren. Can I bring them instead?

Yes! As long as a guardian is willing to make the eight week commitment for the children. Although we strongly recommend a parent to attend, our primary focus is on the children, therefore it is not required that a parent attends.


My child doesn’t want to come. What can I say that might help ease their anxiety?

At Adams House,  we understand it is tough to get children through our red doors the first week. Before group starts your children come in for their own tour. This does help ease some of their nervousness. Your kids should also know that kids rule at Adam’s House. We know they like to play and have fun. Every week, they should know will have some fun in group with their new friends.


This sounds perfect for my family! How do we enroll?

Congratulations on being brave and wanting to make that commitment for yourself and your children! You can get started by scheduling an intake here.


How can I get involved?

We are always looking for volunteers in some capacity! If you have a special skill or talent you would like to share please contact us today for volunteer opportunities!

Where is Adam’s House located?

We are conveniently located off of Route 8 in Shelton, CT right across from City Hall at 241 Coram Ave.

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