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Welcome to Adam’s House

The mission of The Adam Wysota Foundation is to open and run a grief education center called Adam’s House at our new location in Shelton, CT. Adam’s House is a safe, healing place for families as they go through their grief journey. Here, children and families will gather to draw support from their peers and gain new strategies for dealing with their loss. All programs are at no cost to the participating families. Ultimately, our goal is to empower children and their families to cope with their loss and give them tools to recover and live their lives to the fullest.


Adam’s House “FIG” Training Program

Do you want a way to give back to the children in the community? Do you want to learn how best support grieving children and their families? Then consider becoming a FIG ( Friend In Grief ) by signing up for our training opportunity here at Adam’s House.

Our next training will be in the summer (TBD).  Please contact Karyn Harwood at or call 203-513-2808 if you are interested in participating in the training.

We hope you’ll join the Adam’s House team!


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